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Full Pane Fanlight Window (1200x545mm) See catalogue for more styles

All windows available in Full pane, Center rail or Cottage / Small pane.

Main window frame: 45mm x 68mm
Sash styles: 45mm x 60mm
As per cottage or small pane windows: 45mm x 38mm styles

When orders are placed for single opening windows, please specify whether it`s a Left or Right hand hinge sash. In special circumstances main window frames could be changed to a 45mm x 105mm style.

All customer’s orders or special specification should be based on a view from outside of the window. Built-in burglar bars are custom made, and penetrate into the wooden frame for extra increased security. They are available on all windows.

All products are manufactured from solid Meranti. Special materials are available on request. All windows are custom made, any type of window to customer’s specifications.